Studio Etiquette

PLEASE BE ON TIME! Parking may take you longer than you expect so arrive early, and use your extra time in the studio to relax a few minutes before class or your appointment. The studio is a place of relaxation for all who enter, so please turn off your cell phone and keep talking to a minimum, using quiet respectful voices when necessary. The front lounge area is the best place for quiet conversations.

For Yoga, all classes begin and end promptly. Come five to ten minutes early and unwind before class. It’s unfair to those in full classes to have to move their mat after class has begun, because you’ve come late. Please do not wear heavy cologne, perfumes, essential oils or large jewelry to class. Your classmates also really appreciate if you don’t come with strong body odor.

For Massage, please arrive on time, as your massage will end at the scheduled time to respect the next client’s session. You are responsible to pay for the entire scheduled session, even if you are late or a “no show”.