Infrared Sauna

Here at A New Day we have a Sunlighten™ infrared sauna. Some of the many benefits of infrared sauna include: detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and skin purification.

Each sauna session is 30-45 minutes depending on which program you choose. You will need two towels (one to sit on, one for personal use). Rental towels are available ($1 each), but you are free to bring your own.

Note: There is a $20 fee for No Show Sauna Appointments. Please cancel/reschedule 24 hrs in advance.

Check Out The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna


Single Session: $30
Bring a Friend: $18 each
6 Session Pass: $140
10 Session Pass: $180
Month Pass *: $180
Add On **: $25/session

* Limit one per day.
** Price to add to a massage session or yoga class.

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