What is Body Memory?

Body memory refers to the energy of past experiences that is stored in the body. Your body converts the physical sensations, emotions and psychological impressions of your experiences into various forms of energy. When you feel overwhelmed or threatened by an experience, a protective mechanism is triggered that stores the energy in your body until a later date when you are able and willing to fully experience it.

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Body memory creates tension that adversely affects the function of every system in the body. It has been discovered that many of the chronic, recurrent symptoms you commonly experience in your body are caused by body memory that has accumulated for years.

What is Body Memory Recall?

BMR was developed in 1997 by Jonathan A. Tripodi. This technique supports the complete release of body memory from all systems of the body.

Body Memory Recall (BMR) is a form of therapeutic bodywork that combines four mind-body therapy techniques; Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Memory Release and Unwinding. These techniques combine to treat the effects of body memory, allowing it to recall and help maximize one's innate self-healing abilities to release it.

Rates: (not including gratuity)

1X (60-90 minutes): $100
4X (60-90 minutes): $360

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